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Dr Toland Carrollton Scoliosis specialist To all the folks in Virginia! My name is Dr. Toland, and if you live in or around Carrollton, I am available to help you to deal with scoliosis and its problems. Known for my effective chiropractic treatments in Carrollton, I have treated countless patients who are dealing with this progressive condition of the spine.
Facts about Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a progressive curving of the spine which is four to five times more common in young women than in boys the same age. There are a number of causes for this condition and I have treated many kinds of scoliosis and the pain that it causes in Carrollton.

Scoliosis is a fairly common condition, but can lead to contraction of the ribs, compressing the heart and lungs, restricting both circulation and the breathing. It can also lead to quite a few other problems relating to pain and function of the spine and back area. In addition to my treatment and adjustments in my office in Carrollton, you will learn special exercises to help to get you back to feeling well and without pain.

In my chiropractic practice here in Carrollton, I have treated patients for symptoms such as pain, stiffness, breathing problems and other increasingly more serious problems. Left untreated, scoliosis can lead to a bedridden young person.

Get Back to Young Life

If you live in Carrollton and are suffering from the pain and other problems of mild to severe scoliosis, there is no need to suffer any longer or give up a single day of your young life. You have better things to do than to deal with this pain. So if you or your child is dealing with scoliosis, visit me, Dr. Toland, well-known chiropractor in Carrollton and start getting relief right away. Schedule a Free Consultation by calling (757) 517-2273 or download a Free Report today by clicking the link below…


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