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Dr. Toland Carrollton Chiropractor Hello everyone in Carrollton, Virginia! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Dan Toland, and I am the number one chiropractor in the Carrollton area. I want to help you, your friends and your family to get the best out of your life.
One of the recurring problems that I have dealt with here in my office at Carrollton, Virginia is PMS or premenstrual syndrome. This can be a very painful condition and should be handled in the best way possible. All of the people that I have helped have been disappointed by the results that they have gotten from their traditional doctors and medications.

You do not have to live with PMS. It is treatable and there are solutions that work. In my office that is located at 13478 Carrollton Blvd., 23314, I have treated many PMS patients successfully.

Premenstrual syndrome may cause more than just painful symptoms. It might cause swollen abdomen, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, back pain, or depression in the days before a woman’s monthly period. It can cause pain in your legs, in your breasts and may keep you awake at night as well. As the pain progresses, you may find yourself needing to take more and more pain medications that are prescribed by the traditional doctors – pills that are no longer working and may be causing even further problems with your body.

Instead of taking pills that may or may not work, or worse, not doing anything at all, it is important that you do something that will help you. Come see me, Dr. Toland, at my Carrollton office so that I can work out a treatment plan that will help you deal with your premenstrual syndrome. For Free Consultation or $45 Exam & X-Ray call (757) 517-2273 or download a Free Report today by clicking the link below

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