The Connection Between Fungal Nail and Ingrown Toenails

#HerndonVA Did you know that an ingrown toenail can develop out of a fungal nail condition?

Hi, I’m Doctor Stanley Idiculla and today, I would like to speak to foot pain sufferers in Herndon about the connection between these two conditions.

Bacterial or fungal conditions can sometimes cause nails to thicken or widen, which may result in the nail curving down into the sides of the bed and puncturing the skin. When this occurs, you have in essence an ingrown toenail. To avoid these conditions, try to keep your feet as dry as possible at all times.

If you have fungal issues or have developed an ingrown toenail, I want to help you feel great again. Come visit me, Doctor Idiculla, at my office here in Herndon.

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