What is Diabetic Foot?

#HerndonVA It is estimated that nearly 25% of individuals that have been diagnosed with diabetes experience complications with their feet.

Hi, I’m Doctor Stanley Idiculla, and I have a podiatry practice here in Herndon. I know how difficult it can be sometimes to fight the condition known as diabetic foot. I’m here to help.

Diabetic foot is a condition where small cuts and bruises on the feet can become dangerous, due to the fact that many diabetics experience neuropathy, which keeps them from detecting injuries. Therefore, a simple blister can turn into a foot ulcer that eats away at the flesh if not dealt with promptly.

While it is important for diabetics to regularly check their feet for any injuries, it is equally necessary to have regular check-ups at your local podiatrist’s office. If you live in Herndon, please keep me, Doctor Idiculla, in mind for your next appointment.

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