What are Hammertoes?

#HerndonVA Hammertoes are certainly an enigma. This progressive condition, however, is easy to identify.

Hello friends; it’s Doctor Stanley Idiculla, your favorite podiatrist here in Herndon. I would like to talk to you today about hammertoes and how to know if you indeed have this foot ailment.

Hammertoes most commonly develop on the second toe, but can also arise on the other digits as well. The condition can be characterized by a bending or curvature of the toe, which may become inflamed and be accompanied by a burning sensation. If not treated properly, the toe could freeze until it cannot move on its own.

I know that hammertoes can be an embarrassing condition, and I want to help pull you out. I encourage you to come see me, Doctor Idiculla, at my office here in Herndon. Get a Same Day or Next Day Appointments by calling (703) 437-5353 or clicking the link below


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