Podiatry Tips for Those with a Foot Fracture

#HerndonVA Foot fractures can be very painful. I know; I help people with the condition all the time.

I’m Doctor Stanley Idiculla, and I am a podiatrist here in Herndon. I would like to give you a few tips for proper treatment of a foot fracture.

Foot fractures must be addressed as quickly as possible, preferably when the pain and swelling first begin. Not only can bones grow back together incorrectly, but foot fractures can turn into severe and chronic arthritis down the road if left untreated. Furthermore, putting repeated pressure on the fracture can result in a complete break. You need to get off of your feet as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a foot doctor to help you with a suspected fracture, I’d love to assist you. Please feel free to stop by my podiatry office here in Herndon and let’s talk!

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