What is Plantar Fascitis?

#HerndonVA Not everyone speaks Latin, so it’s understandable why the common layperson might not be familiar with a number of terms that I often use in my podiatry office, such as Plantar Fascitis.

Greetings; my name is Doctor Stanley Idiculla and I help people everyday in Herndon with keeping their feet healthy and happy.

The word “plantar” means “bottom of the foot,” “fascia” means ligament, and “itis” means inflammation or infection. Therefore, an individual that suffers from Plantar Fascitis has an inflamed ligament on the bottom of their foot. Plantar Fascitis commonly makes itself known loud and clear at the end of the day after you have slowed down enough to rest your feet. You may also wake up in the morning and find your heels in excruciating pain.

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