Foot Diseases Swimmers Should Guard Against

#HerndonVA Are you part of a swim team? Or are you simply an avid swimmer?

I’m Doctor StanleyIdiculla, your hometown podiatrist in Herndon, and today I would like to talk about foot diseases that swimmers need to be especially aware of.

There are a number of foot ailments that arise as a result of having wet feet or walking in communal areas such as locker rooms and swimming pool platforms. For instance, HPV, the human papilloma virus, can easily be contracted in these environments and cause plantar warts. Fungal nail also develops as a result of picking up bacteria from these areas.

If you love to swim, try to wear something on your feet as much as possible when you exit the pool. Try to keep your feet dry as well with a simple towel rub. I invite you to come see me, Doctor Idiculla, here at my office in Herndon where we can talk about these issues more.

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