Deadlines Stressing You Out?

Newport Beach, CA. One of the most stressful aspects on the job can be the pressure to meet a deadline.

Hi, I’m Doctor Shannon Connor, an integrative medicine practitioner in Newport Beach, and today I want to talk to you about handling stress surrounding deadlines.

When facing a deadline, it is important to pace yourself. Make a work schedule and organize as much as possible. If you find that time is getting down to the wire, and you are tempted to allow your blood pressure to skyrocket in the face of your fears, remain calm. Work as fast as you can and do the best that you can. Besides, there’s no use in making yourself ill over the matter, and you can’t excel on the job when in a mentally frazzled state.

If you’ve been feeling under the weather due to stress-related matters, I invite you to come to my office here in Newport Beach for compassionate advice and treatment.

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