Daily Keys to Success

Step 1: Upload Email Addresses for Reputation Driver
* add current customers into “All Customers”, add prospects into “Prospects”

Step 2: Resend Reputation Driver (Quarterly)
- Any email address added to “All Customer” list automatically receives Reputation Driver
- This will allow you to begin getting testimonials automatically
- Use “Send Reputation Driver” to send a fresh survey to your entire list

Step 3: Send a “Special Offer” Eblast
- Use “Send Eblast” to send an email out to your Prospect and/or Customer lists

Step 4: Create a Social Post
- Social post appears within minutes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & blog
- Use the Social Post Library if you’d like

Step 5: Add Website Add-ons
- Add Power Plug-ins to your Website
- Blog
- Testimonials
- Special Offer
- Videos
- Free Reports

Step 6: Upload Videos:
- Upload a Video Testimonial or Tip each week
- About the Doctor or an Office Tour video is always good too

Ongoing Marketing
- Ongoing Marketing is key for growth
- Take advantage of local promotions like a Groupon or local mailer/flyer
- You can even use our complimentary Advertisement Library:

For additional support, please email support@drivingforce.com.