Bunions Report

“How to Get Rid of Painful, Embarrassing Bunions… Foot Doctor Reveals How to be Free From the Pain & Discomfort Once and For All!”

Dear Friend,

Has your big toe slowly begun to turn inward until your foot is looking deformed? Is the joint of your toe red and enflammed? Does it hurt badly when you stand for long periods of time? Are you struggling with embarrassment, hoping that no one sees how your feet look under your footwear, even your spouse?

Why keep putting up with the problem unnecessarily when an answer is within reach? Delaying only makes things worse, as you may watch your toe continue to grow further and further inward as time ticks on!

Hi, my name is Dr. and in this report, I am going to teach you HOW to find effective solutions to eliminate the pain and discomfort of the condition called bunions, and what you need to do to stop the ailment from worsening. Relief is in sight, but you have to rise up and do something to help yourself today.

What a Bunion Looks Like

When your foot is in the beginning stages of being afflicted with a bunion, you may not even know that you have the condition. However, as it begins to progress, it becomes increasingly evident.

Due to a misalignment of your big toe, the toe curves inward toward your second toe, which results in extra bone growing at the joint, making it pertrude. The area may also turn very red and tender and become inflammed. A sac that is filled with fluid may also form near the joint of the effected toe, which also may be inflammed and quite unbearable. It can become painful just to put on a pair of shoes.

If not treated at the first sign of symptoms, the bunion will continue to curve inward and the literal angle of the bones in your toe will change.

You don’t want you feet to end up looking like this! That is why it is so important for you to listen to what I have to say in this report.

Why You May Be Suffering

There are a number of reasons why you may be suffering with the pain and deformity caused by bunions. The most common causes for this embarrassing ailment are:

  • Wearing improper footwear that causes your toes to be cramped
  • Nerve conditions
  • The very painful medical condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Being born with abormal bones in yor feet
  • Genetic conditions that you inherited from your ancestors

Many people go on in misery day after day dealing with the pain of bunions. You’re smarter than that, however! You know that you need help and you need it now! Instead of playing the “If I ignore it maybe it will go away” game, it is imperative that you pinpoint and target the root cause of your bunions.

This condition must be stopped in its tracks, but you can only find the answer when you know what is causing the problem. Makes sense, right?

Don’t Try to Operate Your Own Personal Treatment Center!

Sometimes people are too embarrassed about their bunions to seek help. Other times, peope try to play foot doctor to themselves and attempt to relieve their suffering by using homemade methods. While some of these treatments may provide temporary relief, they will not cure you nor attack the root cause of the bunion.

  • PAIN KILLERS: While it is true that bunions are particularly painful – even to the point that putting your shoes on in the morning is a dread – pain killers wear off within a few hours and you are still no better. Although taking this medication may help mask the pain, the fact is that the problem STILL REMAINS!
  • ICE: Although using an ice pack may help to relieve some of the swelling in your toe, if you do not find out what is causing the swelling in the first place, you will just keep dealing with the problem indefinitely.
  • TOPICAL CREAMS: Topical creams, although good for helping to treat problems on the surface, never attack the greater issue, and therefore, they WILL NOT COMPLETELY CURE YOU.

If you are suffering with a bunion in one or both of your feet, you need to seek professional help at the first sign of affliction. NEVER think that you can cure yourself on your own!

Getting Your Feet Back to Normal Again

If you have bunions, you know that wearing sandals is completely out of the question. You wouldn’t go out of the house with your feet looking the way that they do! This does not mean that you have to go around wearing stuffy-toed shoes during the warm months, nor does it mean that you have to stay in the house like someone on house arrest all day! You need to get your life back!

The first step to getting your feet back to normal again is to get help from a licensed podiatrist. THAT’S WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR. OUR OFFICE IS RIGHT HERE IN . So, if you’ve been suffering with this condition, contact my office right away at and set up an appointment. Or simply complete the Appointment Request form below and we will contact you with a time that is convenient for you. While you’ve been enduring unbearable pain for days upon days, I can get you back on the road to recovery in just minutes!

Not only will I help you to finally go about your daily activities again without the unrelenting, life-interrupting suffering that comes from bunions, I will give you ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED AND SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW you can prevent THIS AWFUL condition from ever coming back again. Since the underlying causes are so diverse, we will work with you to personally discover the instigator of all of your pain and help you to conquer it head on! THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT…DON’T PUT THIS OFF! If you want relief, you must ACT NOW. No one can can take that first step for you.

SIMPLY complete the form below and WE’LL GET YOU IN AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. Again, complete this form NOW, and let’s sit down and talk about helping you to get your life back!

I look forward to seeing you in person very soon!

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