Repetitive Stress Injuries Should Not Disrupt Your Life

Dr Anthony Athens carpal tunnel doctor #AthensGA Hello. Here at Anthony Chiropractic Clinic, we have helped hundreds of patients who were dealing with pain from repetitive stress injuries. We see more and more cases of it all the time. Many patients are coming to our office suffering from pain that is caused by repetitive stress injuries, for treatment that will eliminate their pain.
What Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries? Repetitive stress injuries are just that – injuries that are caused by repetitive movements. Many people who are in jobs that require a lot of typing, such as data entry, or other jobs that involve many repetitive movements, are susceptible to repetitive stress injuries, which can bring much pain to sufferers. There are many ways that we can work with your body to help eliminate pain caused by repetitive stress injuries, including muscle and spinal manipulation, massage and exercises.
Do You Want To Know How I, Dr. Anthony Can Help With Your Repetitive Stress Injury? One way that we can help treat your repetitive stress injury is to help correct your posture. Often, these injuries are caused by poor posture, which is simple to treat. We will also work with your muscles and soft tissues, manipulating them to help them heal from the injury that is causing your pain.

If you live in the Athens, area, and are suffering from pain due to repetitive stress injury, stop suffering. We are available to diagnose and treat your condition.

We want to help you live a pain-free life, and teach you how to prevent future repetitive stress injuries.

Call (706) 543-5901 today.

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Must Try: Chiropractic Care For a Bad Back

Dr Anthony Athens back pain doctor chiropractor #AthensGA Hello! Anthony Chiropractic Clinic here and we want to help you deal with all of your chiropractic needs, including problems that you have with bad backs. Whether it has happened because of a work injury, a sports injury or because of a genetic or degenerative disorder, your bad back may be keeping you from enjoying your life the way that you would like. If you live in or around the Athens area, come to our office so we can get started on the treatment that will work the best for your bad back.
When you are dealing with a bad back, you might find other things affected as well. You may not get as much work done. You may not be able to enjoy sports or hobbies like you used to. You may not even be able to eat or sleep like you normally do. Before you let a bad back destroy your entire life, come see us and we can start looking for the right treatment solution for you. Some people who have bad back problems may try using traditional medications or even surgery. They may even try new mattresses or other ideas that may not work very well for them. If the problem persists, it may be time to call our office for a consultation. Not only will we use careful adjustments, we will teach you exercises that will help you to get back to your regular lifestyle.

There is no need for your bad back to keep you from enjoying your life.

Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901.

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We Can Effectively Put An End to Mid-Back Pain

Dr Anthony Athens back doctor #AthensGA Here at Anthony Chiropractic Clinic we want to help you, the folks in and around Athens to deal with your troubling mid-back pain. We see literally hundreds of patients who have many kinds of mid-back pain on a daily basis. We have seen many of these folks, even those who have been disappointed with traditional treatments and can help them to finally get rid of the pain that is keeping them from living their best life.
What Can Cause Mid-Back Pain?

Mid-back pain is one of the most common back conditions and can be seen in both male and female patients. Whether your mid-back pain is caused by accidents, poor posture, strain, disc degeneration or abnormalities in the bones or joints that let your back become misaligned, it can be treated.

As a chiropractor in Athens, we specialize in the treatment of these muscular and skeletal problems, including the vertebrae. We can also help you to learn to effectively manage your pain. You will have scheduled treatments at our office and we help you to regain your flexibility so that you do not have to live with pain.

Get Back to Your Life

You do not have to live with mid-back pain of any kind much longer. You have other things to do, after all, and should not have to do them with pain and immobility because of mid-back pain. Visit us today and get the relief that you need and deserve right away.

Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901.

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Slipped Disc

Dr. Anthony Athens Chiropractor #AthensGA Hello! We would like to help all of you, young and old, with any slipped disc problems that you may have. Not only can a slipped disc cause pain, tingling and numbness, it can affect your sleep and other functions as well. Instead of allowing a slipped disc cause you pain and other problems, it is important to get the help that you need right away.
There are far too many interesting activities in Athens to enjoy, and you will not be able to enjoy them if you are dealing with the problems caused by your slipped disc. Traditional medicine may not work out very well for you in all cases, and you may find yourself having surgery after medications have stop working. We want to help everyone in the area to live comfortably. With careful manipulation and soft tissue massage, we can help restore some of the flexibility and range of movement in your back as well as relieving some of the pain that you are feeling. When traditional medicines and treatments have failed you, come see us at our office for treatment. Of course, you will also have your own work to do, with special exercises that you will be encouraged to do at home. After a few treatments at our office, in addition to the exercises you are doing, you will be feel much better. We look forward to seeing you. Call and make an appointment today so that you can get back to feeling good as quickly as possible. Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901 today.
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Suffering from Hip or Leg Pain? Contact Us!

Dr Anthony Athens sciatic specialist chiropractor #AthensGA Hello there! Are you currently suffering from hip or leg pain? As a leading chiropractic office in the area, we see loads of patients who are dealing with these types of pain every day.
Causes of Hip or Leg Pain

We have treated many cases of people suffering from hip or leg pain in Athens. Anyone of any age can get hip or leg pain for any reason. Some of the patients that we see are having hip or leg pain because of accidents, strains or sprains, overuse, poor posture, spinal misalignment, as well as many others. We have specialized in the treatment of many muscular problems.

Some of the symptoms that our patients come to be treated for include: mild to severe hip or leg pain, numbness or tingling sensations and other problems. Through the manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues, we can not only relieve the hip or leg pain, but can also work toward restoring full movement to the area. In Athens, most people are aware of our effective chiropractic treatments.

If you are suffering with mild to severe hip or leg pain, there is no need to suffer any longer. There are better things to do with your life than to deal with pain of any kind. Instead of dealing with hip or leg pain, visit us, Anthony Chiropractic Clinic, and get the relief that you need right away.

Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901.

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Stiffness and Soreness In Joints Doesn’t Have To Get You Down

Dr Anthony Athens stiffness and sore joints doctor #AthensGA Hello!  Are you suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints? Are you tired of taking medications that do not work, are addictive or make you so sleepy that you can’t perform your normal daily tasks? You can ease your pain with chiropractic treatment, and we specialize in treatments that involve stiffness and soreness in the joints
Chiropractic Care As Part of Your Pain Management Program If you are suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints, you have probably tried all kinds of conventional treatments, including prescription and over-the-counter medications. These can be addictive or have harmful side effects. Often, these medications make you sleepy, and you are unable to function properly. This is no way to live. Instead of relying on drugs, which over time will have less and less effect on your condition, why not give chiropractic a try?

What Can A Chiropractor Do For My Joint Stiffness/Soreness?

There are many ways that chiropractic can help your joint stiffness and soreness. Spinal adjustments and posture correction are two of the techniques that we commonly use. We have been successfully helping patients with joint soreness and stiffness for many years, and they continue to remain pain-free. We know that I can help treat your pain, so why live with it any longer?

If you are suffering from joint pain and stiffness, are tired of taking medication, and do not want to undergo invasive and painful surgery, there is an alternative. Come and see us at our office and we will get to work on creating the best course of chiropractic treatment for your condition, and see to it that you live a pain-free life.

Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901.

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Suffering from Chronic Fatigue?

#AthensGA Hello!  I know that many of the people here in Athens are dealing with problems that are related to fatigue and we would like to offer our support and treatment. Not only does fatigue keep you from enjoying your life to its fullest, it can affect your work, your family relationships and even your general health. No matter what is causing your fatigue, you need to find a way to deal with it and to get back to living your life the way that you want to. Dr.  Anthony Athens Chiropractor
Did you know that fatigue can be a condition on its own or in some cases can be a symptom of other serious conditions? While some cases of fatigue can be handled by a traditional doctor, in other cases, especially those cases that do not have an exact cause, the problem can continue with no help in sight. Instead of suffering with problems related to fatigue, you need to seek out the help that you can get from us at Anthony Chiropractic. Through soft tissue massage and careful manipulations, we can help to address the problems that you have with fatigue so that you can get back to living your life.

There are too many interesting activities in and around Athens to allow fatigue to slow you down. It is time to get back to having fun and doing all of the things that you want to do as well as the things that you have to do.

Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901 our office today.

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Upper Back Pain Treatment

Dr Anthony Athens wrist doctor #AthensGA Hello. My name is Dr. Anthony, and I am one of the leading chiropractors in Athens, GA . I have been successfully treating patients with upper back pain for many years, and have seen first-hand how chiropractic care can help all kinds of conditions with the joints such as the shoulders, the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, and the spine. My treatments involve adjustments of the spine, which can correct misalignments and ease or eliminate your pain.
Causes of Upper Back Pain Some of the causes of upper back pain include poor posture, injury, whiplash, disc disease and degeneration, sprains and strains and even heart disease. These can all cause you to experience extreme pain on a regular basis. The techniques that we use for your treatment in our office will help to cure the cause of your upper back pain.

Although it is not always as severe as lower back pain, upper back pain is just as common and millions of Americans live with it every day. Upper back pain is not something that needs to be a permanent condition, nor does it always need to be treated with prescription or over-the-counter medications or surgery. In fact, many of our patients report significantly lower levels of pain, if not complete elimination of pain, after undergoing treatments.

If you have been living with upper back pain and traditional treatments have not been helping you, we can help. Come see us at Anthony Chiropractic for a consultation. We will perform an examination and diagnose your condition, then work on making you feel better. Get a Free Consultation by calling (706) 543-5901.

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Chiropractic works!

chiropractic Athens

Millions of people around the world are suffering needlessly from chronic pain that can be managed with regular visits to a chiropractor. We want to help you manage and even eliminate your pain so you can enjoy life on your terms.
Often, physicians prescribe strong and addictive painkillers to their patients who are suffering from chronic pain. Or they advise invasive, exploratory surgery to find the root of the problem. Often, such forms of treatment are not the least bit necessary.

If you live in the Athens area and are experiencing chronic pain of any kind, come and see us before taking the drastic steps of medication or surgery.

Getting to the Root of Your Pain

We can help to eliminate your pain with specialized chiropractic treatments that will deal with the root of the problem that is causing the pain in the first place.

When you visit our office, the first thing that we will do is sit down with you and discuss your pain issues. Then we will make our own diagnosis of the problem and get to work at eliminating the problems that are causing your chronic pain.

Stop Suffering from Chronic Pain Now!

If you are suffering from chronic pain, we can help you. Come to our office for a consultation, followed by a series of chiropractic treatments that will get directly to the source of your problem and eliminate your pain forever.

We have helped patients with their pain issues, and we can help you, too. Don’t suffer any longer.

Call our office at (706) 543-5901 for a consultation today.

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Stiffness/Soreness in Muscles

#AthensGA Are you suffering from stiffness or soreness in your muscles? Have conventional drugs and other treatments not helped to relieve your pain? If you are tired of dealing with constant stiffness and soreness, it’s time that you come to see us here at Anthony Chiropractic. We have the training and experience to help patients manage a variety of different aches and pains, including stiffness and soreness in the muscles. Dr.  Anthony Athens Chiropractor
There are many causes for sore, achy muscles. Often, patients come to see us in our office because they find that they are sore following an injury. Others are in pain just because they happened to move the wrong way.

Do You Really Want to Rely on Medication?

Often, when people experience muscle pain and stiffness, they tend to rely on over-the-counter and prescription medications, such as painkillers and muscle relaxants. Unfortunately, these can not only become addictive, but the more they are used, the less effective they become. Instead of relying on medications to deal with pain for the rest of your life, why not make an appointment at our office, and see us for a consultation. We have the experience and training to help you manage your pain and deal with the root of your pain, with the goal of eliminating it altogether.

Stiffness and soreness in the muscles is something that millions of people deal with, unnecessarily, each and every day. If you are living in the Athens area and are dealing with pain and stiffness in your muscles, come and see us for a consultation.

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