Hi, this is Doctor , your friendly functional medicine doctor from City1. Today, I want to conclude our three-part series on the common causes of constipation.

Interestingly enough, many medications that people take may increase their risk for constipation. Among the greatest culprits are aspirins and anti-depressants. Even antacid tablets may make you more constipated, although they may be great for relieving heartburn. However, it is important to seek medical attention if your constipation lingers, and NEVER to stop taking any medications that your doctor has proscribed for you.

I invite you to read my full report on digestion by clicking here: http://totalautopilot.com/apollocombo/digestion ¬†Hopefully, after reading this report, you’ll stop by and see me, Doctor , at my City1 office, where we’ll build the patient-doctor trust with you that you’ve been looking for.

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