Where’s Your Online Video?

Question…how many videos do you have online,
promoting your practice?

One of the primary ways to get patients from your area,
from the Internet, is to have a library of web videos online
(youtube especially).

And I’m not talking about just to give good information or
to show how tech savvy you are. I am talking about search
engine optimization. Videos get you ranked higher and faster.
They also have their very own listings on google. If you haven’t
already, begin to get videos out there.

Here are two good ideas:

1. Testimonial videos: Grab as many testimonials as you can.
Use your phone or mini-dv camera. Ask your patients,
“What would you say to someone who is considering using my
services? Get their comments and then post it online. Be sure to
include the correct keywords you’re trying to target such as the
condition and the city and state of your practice.

2. Do some educational videos: I’m not talking about a 20 minute
seminar. I mean a one or two minute tip targeting a specific condition.

Videos are time consuming but worth it. Make them a habit.

As a member of theAny of our Instant Marketing Systems we
create professionally done, direct response videos for you,
so you invest no time.

You get videos for each of the major niches (conditions)
done and ready to go. Each video gets your prospect to
your landing pages, onto your website, or on the phone,
ultimately getting them into your office for an appointment
as fast as possible.

Plus, you can create and upload as many videos as you
want with the Instant Video Creator (comes with a
teleprompter and dozens of pre-done videos and scripts.

To see all of the products we have this feature for go here:


It’s all included at no extra price.

Best of all, as a member, all of your patient attraction
videos not only get created and personalized for you
but also submitted to over 15 internet directories each month.
Each video is linked to your customized websites capturing
and getting you new appointments.

Getting new patients is not a quick fix, it takes strategy and
video marketing must be included.

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